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Takeout in Summersville, WV

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Takeout - Summersville, WV

Frankfurters, as the name suggests, were invented in the town of Frankfurt, Germany. However, when Americans started eating this delicious food, they became known as hot dogs. Hot dogs have quickly become a staple food in America. At Buns, we serve up some amazing 100% beef hot dogs and sandwiches, which are great as a quick meal or snack. We serve Summersville and its surrounding areas.

Hot dogs are amazing simply because they can be enjoyed in so many ways. Some people like hot dogs plain with just a bit of ketchup and some people love them with a large amount of specialty toppings. From mustard and onions to chilli and cheese, we serve it all. We've even got some pretty great specialty dogs like the Mob Dog, which has Italian meatballs and the Bird Dog, which features grilled chicken breast.

At Buns, our cooks are serving up delicious hot dogs while our staff gives you great customer service. We are located near the best white water rafting rivers in West Virginia, so feel free to stop by after a long day of rafting for a great meal or snack featuring America's most loved food.

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